Official ALFALFA Team Projects

ALFALFA is an open science collaboration. It is assumed that all projects undertaken as part of the collaboration will adopt the general ALFALFA recommended project guidelines and the recommended criteria for authorship.

The projects listed here have been submitted to and approved by the ALFALFA Oversight Committee.

Team projects

TitleTeam leaderTimeframeProject Summary
Blended HI signals from distant clusters Lyle HoffmanLong term Summary
An H-alpha Imaging Survey for a Volume-Limited Sample of ALFALFA Sources John SalzerLong term Summary
Synthesis Imaging of Low Mass Dwarfs discovered by ALFALFA Ayesha BegumSeveral objects observed with GMRT 2006  
Integrated Spectra of galaxies detected by ALFALFA Alessandro BoselliLong term  
H-alpha Imaging of ALFALFA Galaxies in Selected Cluster Fields Peppo GavazziLong term  
ALFALFA survey of the region around ZwCL1400+0949 Tom Balonek2007-  
ALFALFA detection of dE/dS0's in Virgo Becky Koopmann2007-  
ALFALFA detections in the region around M33 Edvige Corbelli2008  
ALFALFA detection of E/SO galaxies Sperello di Serego AlighieriLong term  
ALFALFA as a blind HI absorption line survey Jeremy Darling/Emmanuel MomjianLong term  
GALEX observations of ALFALFA low mass galaxies Martha HaynesLong term (GALEX Cycle 3&4)  
UV Star Formation and HI Content within the ALFALFA volume Riccardo GiovanelliLong term (GALEX Cycle 3)  
Fast Rotators in the ALFALFA sample Paolo SalucciLong term Summary
HI in Tidal Dwarf Galaxy candidates Sarah Higdon/Jim HigdonLong term  
ALFALFA Detections of the most gas-rich GASS targets Barbara Catinella & GASS teamLong term  
The Low Mass End of the Tully-Fisher relation Mike Blanton, Marla Geha and Andrew WestLong term  
Extended HI Emission Around the Pegasus Dwarf Galaxy Noah Brosch and Lyle Hoffman2008- Summary
Comparison of SDSS/ALFALFA sample selection Jessica Rosenberg and Andrew West2008-  
CO in High HI mass ALFALFA detections Min Yun and Aeree Chung2008-9  
ALFALFA Detections in the 2MTF Survey Karen Masters2008--  
Simulations of extended features found in ALFALFA Dave Kornreich & Brian Kent2008--  
Impact of the Group Environment from ALFALFA Undergraduate ALFALFA team2008-- Summary
ALFALFA SPROUTS in Diffuse Fields: Understanding Foreground Subtraction for EOR Experiments using ALFALFA Miguel Morales and Judd Bowman2008--  
The ALFALFA-RESOLVE Survey Sheila Kannappan 2009--  
Mapping the Foreground HI Emission in the Virgo Cluster Area Carlo Giovanardi 2010-- Summary
SHIELD: Survey of HI in Extremely Low Mass Dwarf Systems John Cannon et al 2010--  
Halpha Imaging of ALFALFA galaxies in the Local and A1367-Coma Superclusters Peppo Gavazzi et al 2010--  
The ALFALFA-HeVICS Survey Marco Grossi et al 2011--  
The ALFALFA-GUVICS Survey Ale Boselli et al 2011--  
HIghMass: High HI mass, Gas-Rich Galaxies in ALFALFA Martha Haynes, Shan Huang, Greg Hallenbeck etc. 2011--  
The Nuclei of Nearby Galaxies: ALFALFA Additions to the Sample Ed Moran 2011--  
ALFALFA, WISE DR-1 and the implications for OHMs Jeremy Darling 2011--  
Low velocity gas in the direction of NGC 4526 Josh Simon2012-  
HI in the Pisces-Perseus supercluster Li Xiao2012-  
VLA observations of (almost) dark ALFALFA galaxies Cannon/Haynes/Giovanelli/Troischt/Koopmann2012-  
Optical followup of minihalo candidates Rhode/Salzer/Adams et al2012-  
WSRT observations of (almost) dark ALFALFA galaxies Adams/Haynes/Leisman et al2013-  
WSRT observations of Local Group dwarf candidates Adams/et al2013-  
ALFALFA detections in GAMA fields Maritza Lara-Lopez2013-  
ALFALFA-GAMA Danail Obreschkow, Lister Staveley-Smith, Simon Driver et al.2013-  
The intrisinc scatter in the Tully-Fisher relation Manolis Papastergis2013-  
ALFALFA-2MRS Chris Springob et al. 2013-  
Stacking ALFALFA in a volume-limited sample Barbara Catinella2013-  
X-ray observations of HIghMass Galaxies Joel Bregman2014-  
HI Content of Local Group Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies Kristine Spekkens 2014-  

Graduate student PhD (i.e major) projects

Project titleStudentInstitutionContext Adviser Timeframe Project Summary
Chemical abundances of low mass galaxies Amélie SaintongeCornellPart of PhD thesis Riccardo Giovanelli2007 (PhD completed) Summary
First epoch ALFALFA Virgo cluster survey Brian KentCornellPart of PhD thesis Riccardo Giovanelli2008 (PhD completed) Summary
ALFALFA survey of the Leo region Sabrina StierwaltCornellPart of PhD thesis Martha Haynes2009 (PhD completed) Summary
Very Extended HI Disks Jayce DowellIndiana U.Part of PhD thesis Liese van Zee2010 (PhD completed)Coming...
Definition of HI Deficiency from ALFALFA Mari Carmen ToribioBarcelonaPart of PhD thesis José-Maria Solanes2010 (PhD completed)Summary
The Group Environment in the Coma-A1367 Supercluster Kelley HessU. WisconsinPart of PhD thesis Eric Wilcots2011 (PhD completed)Summary
HI Mass Function and HI Correlation Function Ann MartinCornellPart of PhD thesis Martha Haynes2011 (PhD completed)Summary
ALFALFA-GASS: Gas Content of "Green Valley" Dwellers Silvia FabelloU. MunichPart of PhD thesis Guinevere Kauffmann2012 (PhD completed)  
Ultra-compact High Velocity Clouds in the ALFALFA Survey: Candidates for Low Mass Dark Matter Halos Betsey AdamsCornellPart of Ph.D. project Martha Haynes 2013 (PhD completed)published
Star Formation and Gas content in HI- and Optically-selected Populations Shan HuangCornellPart of Ph.D. Thesis Martha Haynes2013 (PhD completed)published
The HI Velocity function and the HI correlation function and bias parameter Manolis PapastergisCornellPart of PhD thesis Riccardo Giovanelli & Martha Haynes2013 (PhD completed)published
Extremely Isolated Galaxies Oded SpectorTel Aviv U.Part of PhD thesis Noah Brosch2007-Summary
ALFALFA-RESOLVE: Gas Content of a Mass-limited Sample David StarkU. North CarolinaPart of PhD thesis Sheila Kannappan2009-  
ALFALFA Galaxies in Voids Crystal MoormanDrexel U.Part of PhD thesis Michael Vogeley2010-  
EVLA/CARMA Observations of the HIghMass Sample Greg HallenbeckCornellPart of PhD thesis Riccardo Giovanelli & Martha Haynes2011-  
HI Debris and Dwarfs in Selected Groups Karen Lee-WaddellRMCC/Queen'sPart of PhD thesis Kristine Spekkens2011-  
Triggered Star Formation in ALFALFA Halpha Anne JaskotU. MichiganPart of PhD thesis Sally Oey2011-  
The Effect of Environment on determination of Cosmological Parameters Mike JonesCornellPart of PhD thesis Martha Haynes & Riccardo Giovanelli2012-  
(Almost) Dark Galaxies in the ALFALFA survey Luke LeismanCornellPart of PhD thesis Martha Haynes & Riccardo Giovanelli2012-  
Environmental effects on HI and star formation properties of nearby galaxies from stacking of ALFALFA data Toby BrownSwinburne University of TechnologyPart of PhD thesis Barbara Catinella2013-  
ALFALFA-GAMA Angus WrightU. Western AustraliaPart of PhD thesis Danail Obreschkow2013-  

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