Official ALFALFA Student Projects

Projects designated herein will be given priority by the observing team and in general by the ALFALFA team overall to insure their timely completion and success. At the same time, they should also apply the general ALFALFA recommended project guidelines and the recommended criteria for authorship.

StudentInstitutionContext Adviser Timeframe Title/Abstract
Adeel AltafLafayette '06 (completed)Senior thesis Lyle HoffmanAY05-06 Summary
Brian WalshColgate '06 (completed)Senior research project Tom BalonekAY05-06 Summary
Amy Furniss & Arik MitschangHumboldt State '07 (completed)Senior research projects Dave KornreichCY06 Summary
Josh GoldsteinLafayette'07 (completed)Senior research project Lyle HoffmanAY06-07 ALFALFA detections at the low frequency end
Jamie LomaxSt. Lawrence U. '07 (completed)Senior research project Aileen O'DonoghueAY06-07 ALFALFA: An Extragalactic Survey for HI
Peter ShivelyColgate '08 (completed)Senior thesis Tom BalonekAY07-08 Properties of galaxies in the ZW1400+09 region
Shawn GolleySt. Lawrence U. '08 (completed)Senior research project Aileen O'DonoghueAY07-08 (Coming)
Tristan WolfeSt. Lawrence U. '08 (completed)Senior research project Aileen O'DonoghueAY07-08 (Coming)
Arthur SugdenWesleyan '08 (completed)Senior thesis John SalzerAY07-08 Star formation rates in ALFALFA galaxies
Nate CalabroUnion '08 (completed)Senior thesis Becky KoopmannAY07-08 Education/Outreach tools: Exploring the Virgo cluster
Patti Carroll Siena '09Senior research project Rose FinnAY08-09 UAT Groups Project
Trevor Quirk Siena '09Summer '08 + Senior research project Rose Finn/Tom Balonek (Colgate)Summer08 (Colgate) and AY08-09 UAT Groups Project
Kevin Risolo Siena '10Summer '08 research project Rose FinnSummer08 -- UAT Groups Project
Scott Manglitz Skidmore '09 Senior research project Mary Crone OdekonSpring08-AY '08-09 UAT Groups Project
Paul Russell Skidmore '11 Summer '08 project Mary Crone OdekonSpring08-- UAT Groups Project
Jake Turner Skidmore '11 Summer '08 project Mary Crone OdekonSpring08-- UAT Groups Project
Nancy Irisarri Méndez UPR '10Summer '08 research project Martha Haynes/Riccardo GiovanelliSummer'08 (Cornell REU) High velocity clouds in the ALFALFA survey
Lamarr Parsons Cornell '09Mellon-Mays Fellowship program Martha HaynesSummer'08, AY'08-'09 The Influence of Environment on Galaxy Properties
Kim-Yen Nguyen Cornell '10Cornell Presidential Research Scholars program Martha HaynesFall'08-spring'10 Massive galaxies in the ALFALFA survey
Jae Hwan Kang Cornell '10Summer '08 research project Martha HaynesSummer'08 (Cornell REU) Groups of galaxies in the ALFALFA volume

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