ALFALFA Graduate Student Project

Proposal Title: ALFALFA survey of the Leo region
Student Name: Sabrina Stierwalt
Adviser: Martha Haynes
Context: Part of Ph.D. thesis
Institution: Cornell
Time frame: (e.g. mid-2008, etc.) 2006 (PhD 2008)
Other collaborators: Riccardo Giovanelli, Igor Karachentsev, Valentina Karachentseva, Brian Kent, Amelie Saintonge
Publication expected? yes, late-2006

Description: (up to ~ 500 words)

This project will combine ALFALFA data from the Leo region with L-Band Wide data taken in the same area of the sky from Arecibo. The LBW data consists of follow-up observations of possible Leo Group candidates noted by Karachentsev and Karachentseva through a visual inspection of POSS-II/ESO/SERC plates. This project will focus on determining member status of both the LBW candidates and the sources found in the catalog created from the ALFALFA data, as well as other group properties and trends. By using the two different data sets, this project will offer a direct comparison of optically and HI selected samples. The Leo region is of particular interest because it contains both the Leo Ring as well as the Leo Triplet; these features, as traced by ALFALFA, will be reexamined.

ALFALFA region:RA: 10h30m to 11h30m, Dec: +8 to +16 degrees.
Most of this region is contained in the Spring 2005 dataset.
ALFALFA data to be used:
  1. Raw data brought to Level I by SS.
  2. Level II data to produce final catalog of HI parameters
Other data sets to be used:
  1. SDSS
  2. LBW data (A1904) already in hand and reduced.
Products to be delivered:
  1. Level I and Level II products
  2. HI catalog of the Leo region including Leo Ring and Leo Triplet cross-referenced with optical catalogs
  3. Development of data reduction tools to be applied to other single dish follow-up data

Milestones (if duration is > 1 yr):

Level I datasetLevel I processing for Spring 2005 ALFALFA data 1Oct05completed
Initial source catalog Source catalog based on 2-D extractor 1Nov05 in progress
LBW A1904 reductionComplete data reduction; parameter extraction 1Nov05 in progress
AAS presentationFirst report of results Jan 2006 in progress
Final data collectionFix gaps in Spr 2005 coverage Dec-Jan 2006  
Publication   mid-late 2006  

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