ALFALFA Graduate Student Project

Proposal Title: The Group Environment in the Coma-A1367 Supercluster
Student Name: Kelley Hess
Adviser: Eric Wilcots
Context: Part of Ph.D. thesis
Institution: U. Wisconsin
Time frame: (e.g. mid-2008, etc.) 2007-- (PhD ~2010)
Other collaborators: Martha Haynes, Riccardo Giovanelli + others(?)
Publication expected? yes, 2008+

Description: (up to ~ 500 words)

I propose a multi-wavelength study of groups around the Coma-A1367 Supercluster. The goal of this study is to better understand how environment impacts the evolution of groups and the galaxies within them. This part of the Universe that I propose to study includes a filament that stretches across the plane of the sky between the Coma and Abell 1367 clusters, centered on a redshift of cz ~ 7000 km/s. The groups in and around this supercluster inhabit a range of environments-low density regions on the edge of voids, intermediate density regions within the filament, and high density regions where the groups are falling into the cluster. Using ALFALFA, in combination with existing surveys (e.g. SDSS, 2MASS, NVSS), will provide an insight into the general properties of groups across this range of environments: the HI gas content, the group membership, galaxy colors, morphologies, and AGN frequency, for example. From my catalog, I will select a sub-sample of groups that are both interesting in their own right morphologically, as well as representative of the general group properties found across the range of environments. These groups will be the targets of a more detailed follow up study with the VLA, with WIYN, and with X-ray observations (?).

I will be responsible for much of the Level I and Level II processing of the data in this in the region around Coma: RA 11h-13h56m, Dec +24 to +30. As a member of the Observing Team, I will travel to Arecibo for observations, as well as conduct them remotely from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

ALFALFA region:RA: 11h00m to 13h56m, Dec: +24 to +32 degrees.
Coverage of this region is anticipated by end of spring 2008.
ALFALFA data to be used:
  1. Raw data brought to Level I by KH.
  2. Level II data to produce final catalog of HI parameters
Other data sets to be used:
  3. RASSCALS (X-ray survey)
  4. WIYN followup
  5. VLA followup
Products to be delivered:
  1. Level I and Level II products
  2. HI catalog of the Coma-A1367 region
  3. Other datasets acquired at WIYN and VLA

Milestones (if duration is > 1 yr):

Final data collectionHopefully, Spring 2008    
Level I datasetLevel I processing in progress   
Initial source catalog      

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