ALFALFA Graduate Student Project

Proposal Title: Definition of HI Deficiency from ALFALFA
Student Name: Mari Carmen Toribio
Adviser: José Maria Solanes
Context: Part of Ph.D. thesis
Institution: U. Barcelona
Time frame: (e.g. mid-2008, etc.) 2008--
Other collaborators: Riccardo Giovanelli, Martha Haynes
Publication expected? yes, 2008+

Description: (up to ~ 500 words)

In this project we plan to use ALFALFA data to redefine new standards for the HI content of disk galaxies that are both objective and cover a dynamical range as broad as possible. The observational sample will be comprised by a dataset of isolated ALFALFA galaxies with an optical counterpart corrected for possible completeness biases. In this respect, we will exploit the synergy of ALFALFA with other major surveys like SDSS and 2MASS. To measure the HI content we will identify first the observational properties that are more closely related to the hydrogen mass. We will then look for the combination of parameters that predicts more accurately the HI mass content of a galaxy.

On a second stage of the project, these standards of HI content will be used to investigate the neutral gas deficiency of galaxies in different intergalactic environments, ranging from cluster cores to supercluster regions.

ALFALFA region:as available
ALFALFA data to be used: Catalog datasets
Other data sets to be used: SDSS, 2MASS

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