ALFALFA Graduate Student Project

Proposal Title: HI Mass and Correlation Functions from ALFALFA
Student Name: Ann Martin
Adviser: Martha Haynes
Context: Part of Ph.D. thesis
Institution: Cornell
Time frame: (e.g. mid-2008, etc.) 2008
Other collaborators: Riccardo Giovanelli, Brian Kent, Amelie Saintonge, Luigi Guzzo
Publication expected? yes

Description: (up to ~ 500 words)

This project will take advantage of ALFALFA as the first large-volume blind HI survey to determine distribution properties of the population of HI-rich galaxies. In particular, ALFALFA will more accurately determine the faint-end slope of the HI mass function (HIMF), probing more galaxies in the lowest mass bins than previous projects, e.g. HIPASS. The completion of the first large, contiguous-area ALFALFA catalog (working version) in early 2007 will also make possible the determination of the two-point galaxy-galaxy correlation function. This estimate will provide information on the bias of the HI matter distribution compared to the underlying dark matter distribution.

ALFALFA region:Virgo region and beyond
ALFALFA data to be used: Catalog datasets
Other data sets to be used: Millennium Simulation Catalog
Products to be delivered:
  1. HIMF and related codes;
  2. Galaxy-galaxy correlation function and related codes

Milestones (if duration is > 1 yr):

HIMFProduce codes to evaluate the HIMF and estimated errors. Spring 2008in progress
Corr. FxnAdapting Luigi Guzzo's code for ALFALFA purposes. Fall 2008  

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