2006 ALFALFA at Ithaca

Fri-Sat June 23-24, 2006

List of Participants
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RG explains gridding to Emmanuel, Becky & Shea

2006 ALFALFA-at-Ithaca Agenda

FRI, JUNE 23:   Space Sci 622
08:30 am Welcoming RemarksRiccardo Giovanelli, Bob Brown
08:40-09:00 Sky coverage/scheduling/time allocation/plans Martha Haynes
09:00-09:20Data processing/software development status Riccardo Giovanelli
09:20-09:35Finding Low Mass Galaxies Amélie Saintonge
09:35-09:50Virgo Cluster region Brian Kent
09:50-10:05Leo region Sabrina Stierwalt
10:05-10:20Summary of other projects Martha Haynes
10:45-11:00 Project review status, data release status, plans & related issues Riccardo Giovanelli
11:00-11:10Arecibo LBW and Green Bank Brian Kent
11:10-11:20Virgo clouds: ALFALFA Riccardo Giovanelli
11:20-11:35Virgo clouds: VLA Kristine Spekkens
11:35-11:50Peculiar velocity survey: ALFALFA/2MASS Karen Masters
11:50-12:05Nebular abundances Amélie Saintonge
  BREAK to get take-out lunch at Trillium  
13:00-13:50 Invited lunch talk
The gaseous and stellar content of Ultracompact Blue Dwarf Galaxies (UCBDs)
John Hibbard
14:00-14:20 Halpha and broadband optical imagingJohn Salzer
14:20-14:40 Summary of other followup Martha Haynes
14:40-15:00 Followup web tools Brian Kent
15:00-15:15 Undergraduate activities Becky Koopmann
15:15-15:30 AGES Jon Davies
15:30-15:45 Processing AGES data Robert Minchin
16:00-16:15 ZOA Chris Springob
16:15-16:30 TOGS Mary Putman (phone in)
16:30-16:45Team communications Martha Haynes
16:45-17:30 Open Discussion Everyone
17:30 pmPicnic by the lake or at Beechnut Terrace (weather dependent)  
SAT, JUNE 24:   start in the "Camuy Cave",
Space Sci Bldg. 525
08:30-10:45 Data processing breakout groupsLOVEDATA experts
  BREAK Move to Rm 622
11:00-12:30Plans, coordination, communications, action items Riccardo leads
12:30 pmFormal adjournment. Those remaining will continue data processing and science project planning discussions through the afternoon and beyond....  

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