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Sunday's program included introductory lectures on Arecibo, radio astronomy, and extragalactic astronomy. Here, the assembled group listens to Sabrina introduce the Arecibo telescope and ALFA.
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Here, Martha answers a question from the audience about using Arecibo and ALFA for ALFALFA, following Sabrina's talk.

Late Sunday afternoon, we conducted a brief observing session to demonstrate the observing procedure, observing remotely from the Learning Center. Here Brian is checking that everything is set before clicking the "Observe" button in CIMA.

We conducted real ALFALFA survey program observations between 00:30 and 07:00 in the wee hours of Monday morning ("Sleepy astronomers are happy astronomers!") with everyone taking a one hour shift. Here is one group in the control room at 2:30 am. They don't even look sleepy!

Later on Monday morning, Observatory staff took us on tours of the platform and the dish. Here is an intrepid group on the platform. The telescope and the surrounding Puerto Rican countryside are awesome!

And here you can see one group making their way down on the catwalk. It's a long way up (or down -- depending on which way you want to think about it!).
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Sitting/kneeling: Sara (ugrad, GSU), Aileen (faculty, StLU), Lyle (faculty, Lafayette), Martha (faculty, Cornell), David (faculty, WTA&M), Sabrina (grad, Cornell), Jessica (ugrad, Wesleyan), Patti (ugrad, Siena), Jessica (faculty, GMU), Lamarr (ugrad, Cornell), Kim (ugrad, Cornell), Nate (ugrad, Union), Rose (faculty, Siena), Tom (faculty, Colgate). Missing Paul (faculty, WTA&M) The Undergrad ALFALFA team and the Arecibo telescope, a winning combination!

Standing: Nancy (ugrad, UPR), Jeff (faculty, StLU), Peter (ugrad, Colgate), Katie (faculty, UWSP), Sarah (faculty, GSU), Mary (faculty, Skidmore), Dave (faculty, HSU), Shawn (ugrad, StLU), Brian (grad, Cornell), Kevin (ugrad, Siena), Liza (ugrad, UWSP), Lisa (ugrad, GMU), Scott (ugrad, Skidmore), Shelvean (ugrad, Lafayette), Guillermo (ugrad, UPR), Jose (ugrad, UPR), Arthur (ugrad, Wesleyan, in back), John (ugrad, UPR), Ron (faculty, St. Mary's), Carmen (faculty, UPR), Becky (faculty, Union), Riccardo (faculty, Cornell)

The Undergraduate ALFALFA Workshop is part of the NSF-sponsored Undergraduate ALFALFA Team program to promote undergraduate research within the ALFALFA project.

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