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Student Presentations

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Nathan Calabro (Union College) discusses his senior thesis work on educational outreach within the ALFALFA project.

Lisa Horne (George Mason) presents a poster about her senior thesis work comparing ALFALFA and SDSS observations.

Peter Shively (Colgate) explains his senior thesis investigation of ALFALFA sources in the galaxy group Zwicky 1400+0949 (the Team's favorite group!)

Shawn Golley (St. Lawrence University) describes a bug he found in ALFALFA software during the course of his senior thesis research on ALFALFA Cube 1143+13. Thanks, Shawn!

Jessica Kellar (Wesleyan) describes her senior thesis adventures investigating the nature of isolated extragalactic emission line sources, or Hα dots

Arthur Sugden (Wesleyan) tells us about his senior thesis work measuring star formation rates in the Local Universe, observing galaxies detected by ALFALFA at Hα wavelengths.

Peter, Jessica, Arthur Thanks to all our student speakers!

Lisa, Shawn, Nate

The Undergraduate ALFALFA Workshop is part of the NSF-sponsored Undergraduate ALFALFA Team program to promote undergraduate research within the ALFALFA project.

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