The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey


ALFALFA Software Documentation

ALFALFA survey data are processed using a suite of tools using the IDL environment developed by members of the Cornell ExtraGalactic Group designed specifically for this purpose. They also make use of Phil Perillat's IDL library specific to Arecibo and the IDL astronomy library maintained at GSFC. Our choice of IDL has been dictated largely by our desires (1) to enable a wide range of users, including those at smaller institutions, to engage in ALFALFA research and (2) to involve students in software development in a very hands-on way. Our own package, IDL_ALFALFA, has been successfully imported and is used at many other institutions including Cornell U., Obs. Astrof. Arcetri, Arecibo, U. Barcelona, Colgate U., U. Colorado, George Mason, Georgia Southern U., Harvard-SAO/Center for Astrophysics, Humboldt State, INAF-Milano, Indiana U., Lafayette Coll., Siena Coll., Skidmore Coll., St. Lawrence U., Union Coll., U. Colorado, U. Minnesota, U. Wisconsin-Madison, U. Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Wesleyan U. and U. Zurich. It runs under both linux and MacOS.

Documention and processing cookbooks are available to ALFALFA members on the team-only website; others may obtain further information by contacting Riccardo Giovanelli.

ALFALFA Survey Technical Documents

17Nov10 Report to 2010 NAIC Skeptical Review panel
15Sep09 Report to 2009 NAIC Skeptical Review panel
31Jul08 Report to 2008 NAIC Skeptical Review panel
01Aug07 Report to 2007 NAIC Skeptical Review panel
01Feb07 Proposal for L-Band Wide observations for first campaign of ALFALFA followup
01Feb07 Request for continuation of ALFALFA survey and plan for the year starting 01Jul07
01Feb06 Proposal for L-Band Wide observations to followup on ALFALFA discovery of several extended HI clouds in Virgo
28Jan06 Request for continuation of ALFALFA survey and plan for the year starting 01Jul06
18Aug05     Jan-Jun 2006 time allocation request and plan
16Aug05     2005 midterm report to NAIC
09Dec04     Interscan overheads for sequences of drift scans (Useful for other programs, but written by us)
06Dec04     The ALFA fixed azimuth drift scan observing mode
03Aug04     Spacing of E-ALFA drifts for maximal sensitivity and resolution
02Jul04     Confirmation of maginal detections and optimal sampling strategy for ALFA drift surveys

General ALFA, E-ALFA, and A1946 Precusor Technical Documents

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