The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey

Undergraduate ALFALFA Team Summer 2015

Summer Research Progress Telecon

School  Students  Advisor Title/Link
St. Lawrence University Evan Smith '16 Aileen O'Donoghue Reduction and Analysis of Arecibo L-Band Wide Observations of Galaxies in the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster and Void
St. Mary's College of CA Justin Robinson '17
Samantha Schultz '17
Guy Whittall-Scherfee '17
Ron Olowin Reduction of Targeted HI Observations of the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster
Chicago State U Harold Johnson '16 Kim Coble Analyzing Halpha Observations of MKW10
College of Saint Scholastica Ellen Hansen '17 Brendan Miller Analyzing Halpha Observations of NRGb054
Union Garrett Fitzgerald '18
Rebeka Kelmar '17
Isaac Smith '16 HS
Kerry Walker '16 HS
Becky Koopmann Improving and Completing Data Analysis of Star Formation in Group Galaxies with Python Programming (Garrett)
Python Programming for the UAT (Isaac)
Galaxies with Single Tails (Kerry)
Observing Script Program for the APPSS Survey (Beka)
Siena Grant Boughton '18
Natasha Collova '18
Rose Finn Reduction of Halpha Imaging of Abell 1367 and Coma
Skidmore Jarred Green '15
Mark Raskin '16
Connor Crawford '17
Ryan Morrison '17

Yang Yu ’15
Jack Livecchi '16
Mario Hyman '16
Graeme Gengras '17
Ebrahim Shah '18
Mary Crone Odekon The HI Content of Early-Type Galaxies (Jarred, Mark, Connor, Ryan)

Are Galaxies Pre-Processed in Filaments? (Yang, Jack, Mario, Graeme, Ebrahim)
U. Wisconsin Madison Leah Morales '16 Eric Wilcots Refining Current Algorithms for Defining Galaxy Groups
Lafayette Miles Young '16
Dan Kodroff '17
Lyle Hoffman Effects of Environment on Galaxies around HCG 069 (Miles)
Angular Momentum of Galaxies as Determined by ALFALFA (Dan)
Macalester College Alex Gordon '18
Eojin Lee '18
John Cannon WSRT+HST observations of SHIELD II galaxies (Alex)
VLA observations of SHIELD II galaxies (Eojin)
Union Ryan Muther '16
Kamin Sylvia '18
Greg Hallenbeck Machine Learning and HI Spectra Analysis (Ryan)
Elimination of RFI in Spectral Data (Kamin)

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