The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey

Undergraduate ALFALFA Team Summer 2013
Union College Mini-Conference and Groups Telecon

June 26, 2013

Union College S&E N304

25 UAT members gathered at Union.





  9:30 am Refreshments  
  9:45 am All Welcome and Introductions
  9:50 am Becky Overview: ALFALFA and the UAT in Summer 2013
  10:00 am Luke Needles in a Haystack: Products of the ALFALFA Harvest
  10:30 am Mary & Skidmore Team HI Mass Function in Groups
10:50 am Parker & Nathan The UAT LBW Followup Status
11:10 am David Useful Utilities: TOPCAT and the NASA-Sloan Database
11:50 am Lunch  
12:50 pm Becky Hα Followup of Group Galaxies
1:10 pm Rose & Siena Team Local Cluster Survey
1:30 pm All Discussion
1:45 pm Break  
2:00 pm UAT Groups Telecon Schedule  
3:00 pm UAT Groups Science Discussion Faculty Telecon
Students Tour Union
4:00 pm Alissa, faculty Careers: REUs, Grad School
4:30 pm Dinner  

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