The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey

Undergraduate ALFALFA Team

Summer 2016 Research Page

Twenty-six undergraduate students are participating in ALFALFA research projects during Summer 2016

School AdviserStudent(s) Project(s)
Harwick Parker Troischt Justine Kozubal '17
Nicholas Ryan '18
Constructing Data Analysis Codes Using PYTHON for the Undergraduate ALFALFA Team
Lafayette Lyle Hoffman Samantha Miller-Brown '18 The Baryonic Tully-Fisher relation applied to the APPSS galaxies
Macalester College John Cannon Catherine Ball '18
Alex Gordon '18
Masao Miazzo '18
Elizabeth Ruvolo '18
Quinton Singer '17
Two Progenitor Blue Compact Dwarfs Caught Before the Burst (Catherine)
SHIELD+ (Masao and Elizabeth)
Almost Darks (Quinton)
St. Lawrence University Aileen O'Donoghue Laura Hunter '17 (Mt. Holyoke) Star Formation in Groups of Galaxies
Siena Rose Finn Natasha Collova '18
Grant Boughton '18
Sandy Spicer '19
Star Formation in Clusters of Galaxies
Skidmore Mary Crone Odekon Thomas Cane '19
Kelly Cantwell '18
Christian Todd Jensen '16
Erin Maloney ‘18
Theodore Brough Morris ’17
Henry Thoreen ’18
Oscar Flory '19
Cold Gas Accretion from the Cosmic Web
Union Becky Koopmann Kerry Lewis '17
Aiyana Poulin '19
Kevin Trigo '19
Star Formation in Groups of Galaxies (Kerry & Aiyana)
Does AGN feedback relate to star formation in group galaxies? (Kevin)
Union Greg Hallenbeck Genesis Guerra '18
Paul Philpott '16
Galaxy Evolution and Interactions in HI (Genesis)
West Texas A&M David Craig Cory Davis '19
Cory Johnson '17
Analysis of LBW data and the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster environment

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