The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey

Undergraduate ALFALFA Team

Summer 2014 Research Page

Twenty-two undergraduate students are participating in ALFALFA research projects during Summer 2014 Check out links below.

School AdviserStudent(s) Project(s)
Chicago State U Kim Coble Henry Swain '16
Tim Sanders '15
HI Gas Properties of MKW 10
Cornell Martha Haynes Alison Farrish '16 Discovering Void Galaxies in the Pisces-Perseus Region
Macalester College Brendan Miller Erik Alfvin '15 The role of cold gas in low-level supermassive black hole activity
St. Mary's College of CA Ron Olowin Blake Tormey '15
Leland Moore '16
Analyzing the Poor Cluster of Galaxies, AWM3
Siena Rose Finn Waleed Ijaz '16
Ronnie Rera '15
Alex Warn '17
Kelly Whalen '17
Star Formation in the MKW 11 Group of Galaxies
Skidmore Mary Crone Odekon Margot Accettura '16
Skye Elliott
Mark Raskin '16
Pierre-Francois Wolfe '15
Yang Yu '16
HI Gas in Group Environments: Dependence on Local Density
U. Puerto Rico Mayra Lebron
Carmen Pantoja
Andres Arrieta '15
Jorge Padiel '16
Jonathan Perez '16
A WISE view of Almost Dark ALFALFA Galaxies
U. Wisconsin Madison Eric Wilcots Sarah Martens '16 Star Formation and Stellar Populations in ALFALFA Galaxy Groups
West Texas A&M David Craig Joshua Alvarez '15
Alyssa McElroy '15
Jimmy Valdez '15
ZW1400+0949 ALFALFA and optical data with TOPCAT, DS9, and PyRAF
Reducing H-alpha observations using IRAF
Connecting astronomical databases with galaxy group images

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