The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey

Undergraduate ALFALFA Team

Summer 2010 Research Page

Twenty-one undergraduate students are participating in ALFALFA research projects during Summer 2010! Check out links below.

School AdviserStudent(s) Project(s)
George Mason Jessica Rosenberg Nicolas Crump '10

Matthew Dunlap '10
Georgia Southern Sarah Higdon Phillip Stevens '12Exploration of a 500 kpc HI plume in the Virgo Cluster
Hartwick College Parker Troischt Michelle Brault '11
Catherine Weigel '12
Classification of A Nearby Group to Study the Impact of Environment on Galactic Properties as Part of the UAT Group Project
Lafayette Lyle Hoffman Ryan Payne '12 ALFALFA Group Studies at Lafayette College
Macalester John Cannon Eric Engstrom '11 SHIELD: The Survey of HI in Extremely Low-Mass Galaxies
St. Mary's College of CA Ron Olowin Seth Felix '12
Victoria Mendoza '12
Peyton Murray '12
Kurt Thompson '12
Building the SMC ALFALFA Undergraduate Team
Siena Rose Finn Renee Bourgeois '13
Alissa Earle '13
Deena Kabloui '11
Erin O'Malley '11
Gas Depletion in the MKW 10 Group
Skidmore Mary Crone Odekon Jake Turner '11
Emmett Golden-Marx '13 (Brown)
Jesse Golden Marx '13 (Brown)
Deficiency and Star Formation Rates as a Function of Local Density
Union Becky Koopmann SreyNoch Chin '12
Halley Darling '13
Ana Mikler '12
Katelyn O'Brien '11
ALFALFA Study of The NGC 5846 Group Of Galaxies

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