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Undergraduate ALFALFA Team

Summer 2009 Research Page

Seventeen undergraduate students are participating in ALFALFA research projects during Summer 2009! Check out links below.

School AdviserStudent(s) Project(s)
Cornell Martha Haynes Kim-Yen Nguyen (Cornell '10)

Tess Senty (Humboldt '10)
Properties and Environments of Highest HI Mass Galaxies in the ALFALFA sample (Nguyen)

Large Scale Structure in the ALFALFA Sky (Senty)
U. Indiana/Wesleyan John Salzer Katie Derlosohn (U. Indiana '11) ALFALFA and Hα Dots: Star-Forming Objects at a Variety of Redshifts
Lafayette Lyle Hoffman Peiyuan Mao (Lafayette '11) HI in Galaxies Clusters at High Redshift
St. Mary's College of CA Ron Olowin Jillian M. Eyman (St. Mary's '11)
Kurt Thompson (St. Mary's '11)
An advanced IDL-based workstation suite for ALFALFA data acquisition and reduction
Siena Rose Finn Patti Carroll '09
Erin O'Malley (Siena '11)
Nathan Levine (Siena '11)
Nicholas Opels (Siena '11)
James Pater (Siena '12)
Gas Depletion in the MKW 10 Group
Skidmore Mary Crone Odekon Michael Keller (Skidmore '10)
Ka-lo Lai (Skidmore '12)
Paul Russell (Skidmore '11)
Jake Turner (Skidmore '11)
Cool Gas and Dark Matter in Galaxies: A Dynamical Perspective
Union Becky Koopmann SreyNoch Chin (Union '12)

Schuyler Smith
A Survey of Neutral Hydrogen Properties of the NGC 5846 Group of Galaxies (Chin)

ALFALFA Lovedata Utilities (Smith)

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