The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey

Undergraduate ALFALFA Team

Summer 2008 Research Page

Sixteen undergraduate students participated in ALFALFA research projects during Summer 2008! Check out links below.

AdviserStudent(s) Project(s)
Colgate Tom Balonek Erin L. Scott (Colgate '09)
Trevor Quirk (Siena '09)
HI Observations of the Rich Galaxy Group Zwicky 1400+0949 using the ALFALFA Survey (Scott)

Using the ALFALFA Survey to Analyze WBL 251 (NRGs076) (Quirk)
Cornell Martha Haynes
Riccardo Giovanelli
Jae Hwan Kang (Cornell '10)

Nancy Irisarri Mendez (U. Puerto Rico '10)
Lamarr Parsons (Cornell '09)
Groups of Galaxies in the ALFALFA Volume (Kang)

High Velocity Clouds (Mendez)

Environmental Influences on Galaxies (Parsons)
George Mason Jessica Rosenberg Lisa Horne (George Mason '09)
Preston Zeh (George Mason '10)
Combining HI and Optical Galaxy Surveys to Study the Distribution of Baryons in the Local Universe
Georgia Southern Sarah Higdon Sara Ceran (Georgia Southern '09)A Search For Tidal HI Features in the ALFALFA Survey
Lafayette Lyle Hoffman Peiyuan Mao (Lafayette '11) HI in Galaxies Clusters at High Redshift
Siena Rose Finn Robert Carroll (Siena '11)
Kristie Dangerfield (Siena '10)
Kevin Risolo (Siena '10)
Danielle Seeley (Siena '11)
HI observations for the galaxy group MKW 10 ( Risolo & Caroll)

Sloan Digital Sky Survey to gather optical information about ALFALFA galaxies (Dangerfield & Seeley )
Skidmore Mary Crone Odekon Paul Russell (Skidmore '11)
Jake Turner (Skidmore '11)
The Loss of Heavy Elements in Galaxies: Clues from the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey
Union Becky Koopmann John Robens (Union '09) Searching for Optical Counterparts of Galaxies and Tidal Streams Detected by the ALFALFA Survey

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