The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey

Second ALFALFA Undergraduate Workshop Agenda

Wednesday July 12



Talk Title

11:00am Becky Welcome, logistics, introductions
11:10am Riccardo Introduction to ALFALFA and the Arecibo Telescope
12:00pm   Lunch Break
12:50pm Lyle Fundamentals of Radio Astronomy
1:40pm   Break
1:50pm Sabrina Overview of the Arecibo Telescope
2:40pm   Break
2:50pm Martha Using ALFA for ALFALFA
3:40pm Brian & Sabrina Introduction to CIMA and Remote Observing
4:20pm   Break
4:30pm   Setup for Remote Observing
5:00pm   Start Observing
6:30pm   Dinner

Thursday July 13

Days Inn residents: Breakfast




8:00am   Refreshments
8:20am Brian Overview of the Local Universe
9:00am   Break
9:10am Riccardo Overview of Extragalactic HI
9:50am   Break
10:00am John Optical Counterparts of HI-rich Galaxies
10:40am   Break
10:50am Kristine ALFALFA and the Hunt for Dark Galaxies
11:30am   Break
11:40am Josh Goldstein, Walter Hopkins,
Jamie Lomax, Bilal Mahmood
Undergraduate panel discussion of projects
12:00pm   Lunch
1:00pm Martha ALFALFA in 2006: Results and Plans
1:30pm   Intro to ALFALFA processing .... plus
processing of the data taken the night before.
Flexible, depending on interest and time
3:30pm   Adjourn

Workshop Home

Accommodations and Directions

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