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Summer Research Budget Guidelines Page

Eight summer stipends will be awarded each year to members of the UAT.

Proposal Deadline: March 7, 2016.

We have >5 awards available for 2016. In planning your budget, please be aware of the following:
  1. Each award is for a maximum of $5000 but should be awarded according to the standard payscale at your University (see next item).

  2. The grant can be used for student salary, student housing, and FICA charges. We wish to pay the "going rate" for your institute. Whether you use an hourly rate or base pay we recommend that it is equivalent to the average rate for YOUR institute. Similarly the housing allowance should be based on the local rate. Please state in your budget justification what data were used to determine the wage and accomodation rates.

    Because budgeted funds are allocated under the NSF Participant Support Costs category, indirects charges can not included, per the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 13-001) which states "Generally, indirect costs (F&A) are not allowed on participant support costs." See NSF reference.

  3. Important: allow lead time! The budget submitted must be approved by your Sponsored Program Office (SPO). You should have them review your budget before applying. To show that they approve you may have the SPO send the budget and justification directly to us or copy your SPO office on the application email. The SPO must also submit a letter of committment for your institution to serve as a subawardee, including the title of the project, the PI name, the effective dates of the project, and the total amount of the subaward budget. This is an appropriate Letter Template (for Union).
  4. We will consider funding student exchanges between institutions. In this case, student funding may include a travel reimbursement line for travel to and from the host institution. Faculty mentors at the host and student institutions should consult regarding salary and other expenses, which should be appropriate for the host institution. The application should contain a justification for the student exchange.

  5. Upon acceptance, Union will issue a subaward agreement. The subaward agreement must be approved on the NSF Fastlane site. The subawards will be paid on a reimbursement basis, i.e., the institution will submit invoices to Union for completed work. The final invoice is to be submitted no later than 30 days from the end of the contract end date. For example, the summer subcontracts would expire on 8/31/16, so the final invoice would need to be submitted by 9/30/16.

  6. The final reimbursement for summer work will be approved after submission of the student research report.
Union's SPO Contact:
Linda Clayton
Assistant Director of Financial Services
Union College
807 Union Street- McKean House
Schenectady, NY 12308
(518) 388-6630
Fax: (518) 388-6696
claytonl AT

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