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Participants split into 5 teams to work on group activities called "scavenger hunts." Scavenger Hunt #0 began during the first evening. Here two groups work together, led by Parker (right, second from front) and Ron Olowin (back left). [Photo credit: Tom Balonek]

Luke, Greg, and Martha demonstrate remote observing from the Learning Center. Martha is pointing at a real signal just in from the telescope.
[Photo credit: Parker Troischt]

Julia Deneva, AO postdoc, tells the group about her work at Arecibo with pulsars. [Photo credit: Parker Troischt]
Scavenger hunts continue. Here one group consults Greg. Other groups can be seen in the background and right foreground, working together on activity questions. The activities are available at the Undergraduate ALFALFA Team Observing and Data Analysis page and our Practice question page. Feel free to use these if you'd like! [Photo credit: Parker Troischt]
David and Jess lead a group of students, with other groups in the background. [Photo credit: Parker Troischt]

Faculty gather for discussion at the Visitors' Center Seminar Room. [Photo credit: Rebecca Koopmann]

Team members conducted observations Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 00:00-06:45. Students signed up for one-hour shifts of observing. Here a group monitors the observing and examines the output of the previous observation. [Photo credit: Parker Troischt]

UAT students head to the Gregorian Dome. [Photo Credit: Parker Troischt]

A tour under the dish from a unique vantage point.
[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]

Elijah (Macalester) presented his work on Leo P, while Martha models the Workshop T-shirt designed after this "poster-child". [Photo credit: Parker Troischt]

On Wednesday, the workshop teams presented their results on Scavenger Hunt #3 projects. Here K'Maja explains her group's results about the dependence of gas fraction on galaxy luminosity. [Photo credit: Parker Troischt]

Happy Birthday, Long Yan! [Photo Credit: Parker Troischt]

Back row: Tom (faculty, Colgate), Aileen (faculty, StLU), Jeremy (ugrad, Lafayette), Kyle (ugrad, Hartwick), Lyle (faculty, Lafayette), Melissa (ugrad, Macalester), Martha (faculty, Cornell), Rachel (ugrad, Uion), David (faculty, WTA&M), Adriana (faculty, UWSP), Jess (faculty, GMU), Aparna (faculty, USF), Long Yan (ugrad, USF), Blake (ugrad, SMCC), Karl (ugrad, GMU), Carmen (faculty, UPR), Jose (ugrad, UPR), Jeff (faculty, StLU), Becky (faculty, Union), Parker (faculty, Hartwick), Ron (faculty, SMCC) The 2013 Undergrad ALFALFA Team
Front row: Steven (ugrad, SLU), Rose (faculty, Siena), Elijah (ugrad, Macalester), Jesse (ugrad, UWSP), K'Maja (HS, CSU), Jonathan (ugrad, UPR), Greg (grad, Cornell), Mayra (faculty, UPR), Chris (ugrad, USF), Maggie (ugrad, Colgate), Alyssa (ugrad, WTA&M), Luke (grad, Cornell), Katelyn (grad, RPI), Alissa (ugrad, Siena) Not in photo: Kim (faculty, CSU)

[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]
Back row: Jeremy (Lafayette), Kyle (Hartwick), Melissa (Macalester), Jose (UPR), Rachel (Union), K'Maja (CSU), Chris (USF), Long Yan (USF), Blake (SMCC), Karl (GMU), Jonathan (UPR), Luke (Cornell, grad) The 2013 Undergrad ALFALFA Team Students

Front row: Elijah (Macalester), Jesse (UWSP), Steven (SLU), Greg (Cornell, grad), Alissa (Siena), Maggie (Colgate), Alyssa (WTAM), Kim (RPI, grad)

[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]
Back row: Rose (Siena), Lyle (Lafayette), Tom (Colgate), Martha (Cornell), Becky (Union), Jeff (StLU), Carmen (UPR), Ron (SMCC) The 2013 Undergrad ALFALFA Faculty

Front row: David (WTA&M), Adriana (UWSP), Adriana (USF), Aileen (StLU), Jess (GMU), Mayra (UPR), Parker (Hartwick). Not in photo: Kim (CSU)

[Photo credit: Jonathan Perez]

The Undergraduate ALFALFA Workshop is part of the NSF-sponsored Undergraduate ALFALFA Team program to promote undergraduate research within the ALFALFA project.

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