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Betsey gives an introduction to the Arecibo Observatory
[Photo credit: Parker Troischt]

Dana Whitlow (NAIC) conducts a Q&A about the telescope.
[Photo credit: Parker Troischt]

Participants split into 5 teams to work on group activities called "scavenger hunts." Here Ron Olowin leads a group of students and faculty. The activities are available at the Undergraduate ALFALFA Team Observing and Data Analysis page and our Practice question page. Feel free to use these if you'd like! [Photo credit: Tom Balonek]

This workshop marks the start of the Undergraduate ALFALFA Followup Observations, using the L-Band Wide Detector. Team members conducted observations Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 12:00-07:00. Students signed up for one-hour shifts of observing, then instructed the incoming group of students about the observing. Here, Betsey, Chris and Haley instruct Clara, Wilson, Mike, Alyssa, and Nate. [Photo credit: Rebecca Koopmann]

Catherine presents her work on HI deficiency for an advanced session at the Visitors' Center Seminar Room. [Photo credit: Tom Balonek]

UAT students climb the catwalk to the Arecibo platform. [Photo Credit: Rebecca Koopmann]

UAT students tour the Arecibo platform. [Photo Credit: Wyatt Smith]

Under the receiver room with Dana Whitlow. Can you find ALFA in this picture?
[Photo credit: Haley Sharp]

UAT students with Dana Whitlow on the Arecibo platform. [Photo Credit: Parker Troischt]

A tour under the dish
[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]

On Wednesday, several students presented talk about their ALFALFA research projects. From left to right: Clara (Macalester), Jordan (GMU), Scott (SUNY Oneonta/Cornell), and Mike (Lafayette). Scott models the workshop T-shirt designed by Clara.
[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]

Five students presented posters about their ALFALFA work. From left to right: Catherine (Hartwick), Ben (UWSP), Lucas (Union), Wyatt (Union), and Nate (Hartwick).
[Photo credit: Tom Balonek and Parker Troischt]

Standing, back row: Joseph (WTA&M), Heather (ugrad, StLU), Chris (USF), Jeff (faculty, StLU), Tom (faculty, Colgate), Lyle (faculty, Lafayette), Mike (ugrad, Lafayette), John (faculty, Macalester), Nate (ugrad, Hartwick), Scott (ugrad, SUNY Oneonta/Cornell), Parker (faculty, Hartwick) The 2012 Undergrad ALFALFA Team
Standing, Middle Row: Ryan (ugrad, Lafayette), Paulette (ugrad, UWSP), Greg (grad, Cornell), Wilson (ugrad, SMCC), Martha (faculty, Cornell), Ron (faculty, SMCC), David (faculty, WTA&M), Aileen (faculty, StLU, in front of David), Ben (ugrad, UWSP), Becky (faculty, Union), Jess (faculty, GMU)

Sitting/kneeling: Lucas (ugrad, Union), Karyn (ugrad, UWM), Alyssa (ugrad, Colgate) Catherine (ugrad, Hartwick), Wyatt (HSS, Union), Clara (ugrad, Macalester), Haley (ugrad, USF). Not in photo: Betsey (grad, Cornell)

[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]
Back row: Paulette (UWSP), Joseph (WTA&M) Chris (USF), Lucas (Union, in front of Chris), Wilson (SMCC), Alyssa (Colgate), Catherine (Hartwick), Mike (Lafayette), Nate (Hartwick), Scott (SUNY Oneonta/Cornell), Clara (Macalester), Wyatt (Union), Heather (StLU). The 2012 Undergrad ALFALFA Team Students

Kneeling: Ryan (Lafayette), Greg (Cornell, grad), Haley (USF), Ben (UWSP), Karyn (UWM). Not in photo: Betsey (Cornell, grad)

[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]
Back row: Jeff (StLU), Lyle (Lafayette), Ron (SMCC), Becky (Union), Aileen (StLU), David (WTA&M), David (WTA&M), Greg (Cornell, grad), John (Macalester) The 2012 Undergrad ALFALFA Faculty

Front row: Jess (GMU), Parker (Hartwick), Tom (Colgate). Not in photo: Martha (Cornell), Betsey (Cornell, grad)

[Photo credit: Tom Balonek]

The Undergraduate ALFALFA Workshop is part of the NSF-sponsored Undergraduate ALFALFA Team program to promote undergraduate research within the ALFALFA project.

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