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Participants gathered in the Arecibo Observatory Learning Center to hear introductory lectures on Arecibo, radio astronomy, extragalactic astronomy, and the ALFALFA project. To learn more, participants split up into teams of 5-6 and conducted a series of scavenger hunts.

Team members conducted several real ALFALFA survey program observations Sunday and Monday 00:15-07:00 and Tuesday and Wednesday 18:30 - 20:00. Here's our Monday midnight crew - they don't seem too upset that they had to get up to observe!

On Wednesday, several students presented talks and papers about their ALFALFA research projects. All did an excellent job! Here is the assembled group in front of a poster by Paul Russell and Jake Turner of Skidmore College.
Standing, left to right: Erin (Colgate), Jake (Skidmore), Paul (Skidmore), Nancy (UPR)
Sitting, left to right: Anna (Wesleyan), Trevor (Siena), Katie (Cornell), Patti (Siena).

Here Sabrina awards a student team member who correctly reported a scavenger hunt answer.

On Tuesday morning, Observatory staff took us on tours of the platform and the dish. Here one group makes its way back down the catwalk. This was voted the favorite activity of the group!

And here you can see several group members in the Gregorian dome. It's hard to capture the scale in photos, but we all tried!
Sitting/kneeling: Yia (ugrad, UWSP), Lyle (faculty, Lafayette), Peiyuan (ugrad, Lafayette), Erin (ugrad, Colgate), Andrew (ugrad, GMU), David (faculty, WTA&M), Geoff (ugrad, StLU) Becky (faculty, Union), Katie (ugrad, Union), Patti (ugrad, Siena), Tess (ugrad, HSU, in back), Erin (ugrad, Siena), Liza (ugrad, UWSP), Katie (ugrad, Cornell), Natalia (ugrad, UPR) Ann (grad, Cornell), Jessica (faculty, GMU), Tom (faculty, Colgate) The 2009 Undergrad ALFALFA Team and their favorite telescope

Standing: P.J. (ugrad, GSU), Jeff (faculty, StLU), Ron (faculty, St. Mary's), Katie (faculty, UWSP), Anna (ugrad, Wesleyan), Sarah (faculty, GSU), Dave (faculty, HSU), Jake (ugrad, Skidmore), Trevor (ugrad, Siena), Paul (ugrad, Skidmore), Martha (faculty, Cornell), Nancy (ugrad, UPR), Rose (faculty, Siena), Sabrina (grad, Cornell), Riccardo (faculty, Cornell)
Sitting/kneeling: Nancy (UPR), Erin (Colgate), Yia (UWSP), Katie (Union), Katie (Cornell), Anna (Wesleyan) The 2009 Undergrad ALFALFA Team Students

Standing: Natalia (UPR), Andrew (GMU), Peiyuan (Lafayette), Jake (Skidmore), Paul (Skidmore), Geoff (StLU), Dave (faculty, HSU), Tess (HSU), Liza (UWSP), P.J. (ugrad, GSU). Missing (stuck in the snow!): Trevor (ugrad, Siena), Patti (ugrad, Siena), Erin (ugrad, Siena),

The Undergraduate ALFALFA Workshop is part of the NSF-sponsored Undergraduate ALFALFA Team program to promote undergraduate research within the ALFALFA project.

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