Try to finish this hunt by 7pm on Wednesday evening

UAT14.01 Scavenger Hunt #3:
Introduction to how we can use ALFALFA in combination with other datasets to explore the local galaxy population

This scavenger hunt will provide an introduction to the ALFALFA and SDSS catalogs, deriving galaxy properties from observational data, what the ALFALFA galaxy population is like compared to an optically selected one and investigating the large scale structure. As an example of the kind of science the UAT groups project is doing, we will take a quick look at the galaxy population in ALFALFA, in the SDSS database and in the vicinity of the nearby "poor" cluster known as MKW 11.

In a departure from previous Scavenger Hunts, each team will be assigned a separate project dealing with the use of ALFALFA data to learn about galaxies in the local universe. We will then reassemble Wednesday evening when team will have 10 minutes to present their results. Each activity contains questions and suggestions for how to proceed, but you should not feel constrained to answer only the questions posed or to make only the plots suggested.

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