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Examples of targets for the A2707 Jan 2013 observing run

During the Jan 2013 workshop, we will be conducting observations with L-band wide to confirm the reality of ALFALFA sources without optical counterparts. We will also take a look at a few signals with low signal-to-noise ratio and low heliocentric velocity which might have optical counterparts. Here are a few examples of such targets.

Below are (1) the ALFALFA "catalog" file (referring to the product of our routine GALCAT, not what we publish; these data have not been published!), (2) the summary graphical images (generated by our software) and (3) links to public database images and the NED. Use this information to understand why we want to reobserve these and similar sources and what their significance would be if, in fact, they prove to be real signals. (Before you tackle the targets below, make sure you have done the Using SDSS, NED and Cataloging HI sources in ALFALFA exercises.)
Some questions (to get you thinking)

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