ALFALFA at Ithaca: Agenda

June 23-24, 2005

A workshop to discuss ALFALFA results, plans, issues and followup science was held at Cornell on Jun 23-24, 2005.
A list of participants is here, and Barbara has posted some pictures (which prove that Ithaca is a very nice place ... in the summer).

Participants: Group photo (low res | high res) - B. Kent

THU JUN 24:   meet in Space Sci 301PDF file
09:00 amRiccardo Giovanelli Welcome to ALFALFA. Who we are, Project Governance PDF
09:10 amBob Brown ALFALFA and NAIC  
09:25 amRiccardo GiovanelliALFALFA: Science Goals, Sensitivities, Precursor Science PDF
09:45 amRiccardo Giovanelli ALFA and ALFA Backends. Lessons Learned See above.
10:05 amMartha Haynes Observing Modes, Calibration, Observing Guidelines PDF
10:25 amSabrina Stierwalt Observing Practicalities: at AO and remotely PDF
10:40 amMartha Haynes Tiling the Sky: Current Status, Bookkeeping, Projections, Request for 2006 See Martha's first talk above
11:00 amCoffee Break    
11:20 am Jon Davies AGES: Lessons Learned PDF
11:40 am Lyle Hoffman NGC 2903: Lessons Learned PDF
12:00 noon Becky Koopmann Education and Outreach. The July '05 Union Workshop PDF
12:15 pmLunch Break At the Big Red Barn  
01:30 pmMartha Haynes Report on the Milan Meeting of May 30 See Martha's first talk above
01:45 pmRiccardo Giovanelli Data Processing Overview, Data Products PDF
02:10 pmBrian Kent Public Access and other Processing Tools, NVO Node PDF
02:30 pmVassilis CharmandarisALFALFA and Spitzer PDF
02:40 pmSusan Neff ALFALFA and GALEX PDF
02:50 pmDiscussion ALFALFA Science and Needed Areas of Expertise See discussion below.
03:30 pmCoffee Break   
03:45 pmDiscussion Coordination of Projects within ALFALFA:
- Guidelines
- Thesis Projects
- Project Posting
- Authorship Guidelines
04:30 pmDiscussion Circumstances for access to Follow-up Instruments 
05:00 pmDiscussion Funding Issues  
05:30 pm   Stroll at the Plantations 
07:00 pm   Dinner Party at Giovanelli/Haynes' residence  
FRI JUN 24:   start in the "Camuy Cave", Space Sci 525 
08:30 amLeads: Riccardo, Martha, Brian, Sabrina Data Processing Breakout Groups
Move to Space Sciences Bldg. Rm 301
10:00 amDiscussionHI Clouds in Virgo  
10:30 amCoffee Break   
11:00 amDiscussionFollow-up projects: Definition and Coordination 
12:30 pmLunch Break At the Big Red Barn  
01:30 pm Closing Session: Coordination Guidelines Approval, Action Items  
03:00 pm  Off to Picnic on the Shores of Lake Cayuga 

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