July 05 undergraduate ALFALFA workshop talks

Union College, July 6-7, 2005

The following talks were given as part of the 2005 ALFALFA workshop for undergraduates at Union College on July 5, 2005.

Introduction to ALFALFA and the Arecibo TelescopeRiccardo Giovanelli PPT PDF
Fundamentals of Radio AstronomyLyle Hoffman PPT PDF
Overview of the Arecibo TelescopeSabrina Stierwalt   
Using ALFA for ALFALFAMartha Haynes PPT PDF
Overview of the Local UniverseBrian Kent PPT PDF
Overview of Extragalactic HIRiccardo Giovanelli PPT PDF
Optical Counterparts of HI-rich GalaxiesJohn Salzer PPT PDF
ALFALFA 2005: Results and plansMartha Haynes PPT PDF

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