ALFALFA is an open collaboration. Anyone with an interest in the science that can be done with the ALFALFA dataset and the willingness to contribute to the collective effort is welcome to join. While the ALFALFA team plan to make the data available to public access on a short time scale through periodic data releases, direct participation in the collaboration offers the chance to interact directly with other team members. In the spirit of collaboration, members of the team exchange technical and scientific expertise, gain understanding of the data sets in earlier stages of processing, provide training in data processing tasks and contribute to setting priorities as the project moves forward.

All science projects by collaboration members are posted on the ALFALFA website, to inform others of who's doing what and on what timescale. Being a member of the team means sharing in the responsibilities of the effort. See the recommended guidelines for science projects and authorship.

If you have an idea that could benefit from ALFALFA data and think that joining the collaboration may be beneficial for its development, contact Riccardo Giovanelli (, 607-255-6505).

ALFALFA Policies, Working Groups and Projects

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